About Us


Founded in August 2007 as an official Peruvian charity by Sonia Newhouse, Living Heart is a not-for-profit organisation. We are an official UK registered charity (charity number 1134201) and a partner to Omprakash for volunteers and 501(c)3 donations.

We operate with integrity, transparency, protection, compassion and love, working in the areas of nutrition, health, education and conservation. We are not affiliated with any religion or profit-making organisation.  We uphold a high level of integrity throughout all operations ensuring that all initiatives are researched, manageable, sustainable, efficient, culturally sensitive and moral.


Our Vision

To be an internationally recognised, transparent NGO focusing on children; renowned for our integrity, consistency, compassion and holistic approach in all aspects of our work within the remote Andean communities.


Our Mission

To empower through nutritional support, health and education via a collaborative and holistic approach; encouraging the potential within each individual to develop in every aspect of their lives, inspiring values which will help them to become accomplished, centred, discerning adults.


Our Strategy


Core Team of People

Goal: To work with a core team of heart-centred, passionate, international, highly dedicated and high performance people, who live by our fundamental (organisational) values ensuring that any assistance given should be devoted, compassionate, consistent, culturally sensitive, and carried out with integrity.


  • Empower our core team by continuous development of succession skills to take over on the retirement of Sonia Newhouse, who will continue as Founder and Ambassador (Spokesperson) internationally.
  • Attract self-funding, committed, mature volunteers, who share the same passion for Living Heart’s vision and mission to augment our core team.


Participatory Management Approach within the Organisation

Goal: To achieve qualitative decisions; efficient operations and continuous improvement through the empowerment of all stakeholders, especially the communities and the core team, to participate in decision-making processes.


  • Motivate all community members to participate in a process which allows them to express their needs and to decide their own future with a view to their empowerment, ownership, and sustainability.
  • Manage collaboratively by working together to sustain loyal relationships with our employees, communities and friends of Living Heart.
  • Consider the opinion and expertise of all involved – team, communities, other local NGO, supporters and followers.
  • Constantly learn from each other by sharing experiences.


Long-Term Funding

Goal: To secure sustained funding for our long-term goals.

Long Term Goals:

  • Extending our reach, taking our proven humanitarian food program (Nutrition, Health and Education) to other children and communities in need
  • To further our current programs by empowering those children keen to develop technically and academically with proactive initiatives and raising social awareness in all
  • To continue to explore the possibilities of a half-way house for orphaned children within a permaculture concept, offering emotional and financial support, thus empowering them to become the best they can be.


  • Continuously seek out new sources of funding to support our vision and mission.
  • Build a network of people, willing to support our work through fundraising campaigns all over the world.
  • Develop a strong social media and internet fundraising campaign to better promote our projects and reach as many people as possible.


Sustainable Solutions

Goal: All actions and operations of our organisation in the communities are ethical and sustainable. All solutions we introduce are viable and sustainable for the future.

Long-term goal: All communities we work with will be self-sustainable underpinned by ecological, social and economic practices; living in harmony with their environment.

Actions: Continuously research and review all sustainable solutions to further our cause, introducing them in a coordinated manner.


Our Fundamental Values

Guided by our hearts in all our actions, we decided to use the word HEART as the heading for our values:

onest, committed, genuine, transparent, working with integrity

Ethical in our operations and actions

Aware of the needs and background of the communities we work with; raising social awareness through education, continual monitoring and support

Respectful of the cultural values, social structures and customs within our communities and our international team

Team work – a strong, positive and motivated team that works collaboratively and in harmony for the greater good of Living Heart with open and honest communication