About Us


Living Heart is a registered Peruvian and UK charity and is eligible for 501(c)3 donations.  We work with vulnerable populations in the highland communities above Peru’s Sacred Valley to implement sustainable agriculture, nutrition, health and education initiatives.  We are not affiliated with any religion or profit-making organization and maintain a commitment to operate with transparency, integrity and sensitivity.


Our Vision

To be an internationally recognised, transparent NGO focusing on children; renowned for our integrity, consistency, compassion and holistic approach in all aspects of our work within the remote Andean communities.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help develop self-sustaining agriculture, health, and education initiatives in remote, impoverished highland communities above Peru’s Sacred Valley.   In order to support over 2,500 vulnerable children, elderly, women and men we employ a community-based, holistic approach and encourage partnerships with community members that empower them to make the initiatives thrive.

Our Fundamental Values

Guided by our hearts in all our actions, we decided to use the word HEART as the heading for our values:

onest, committed, genuine, transparent, working with integrity

Ethical in our operations and actions

Aware of the needs and background of the communities we work with; raising social awareness through education, continual monitoring and support

Respectful of the cultural values, social structures and customs within our communities and our international team

Team work – a strong, positive and motivated team that works collaboratively and in harmony for the greater good of Living Heart with open and honest communication