Our Founder & President

In my retirement years and after a series of coincidences I found myself living amongst a Peruvian Andean Community of 6 villages some of which were at altitudes of 4400m. This experience made me realise that I, like all older people, have lots of skills and life experiences we can put to good use – in my case, a wish to help these native people. I quickly learnt that the more one gives, the more we take away the power of the people and to empower them had to be the objective if the help I wanted to give could be really effective. This is how the basic philosophy of Living Heart came about. As I had no influential contacts and with the need to raise funds and highlight the plight of the children and the women, I opened Hearts Cafe in Ollantaytambo to do just this. With the generosity and encouragement of so many individual people from all over the world, who passed through this small town on their way to Machu Picchu, more and more people are becoming aware of our work. So it is with enormous gratitude I say thank you to everyone who have helped us help the children. This we have done by making the best use of the education available to the Andean highland children, by supporting our humanitarian food program, and giving the women an alternative about the number of children they choose to have and how to look after themselves with our sexual and contraceptive workshops.

This website will give you information of our progress and ambitions to continue and extend our help to these native people in remote areas of the Andes.

Thank you all for your continuing support!


Sonia Newhouse, President and Founder of Living Heart Peru



Sonia Newhouse – the Founder and President of Living Heart Peru

Before moving to Peru at the age of 76 Sonia, as a single mother, set up 3 new businesses over a 20 year period (1966-86), the last of which was groundbreaking. Set up in 1982 – her revolutionary very successful factory -VEGETARIAN FEASTS made frozen ready- made vegetarian meals for the masses, from completely natural ingredients. Creating new flavoursome recipes and techniques to produce these meals in large quantities has proved fundamental in the Living Heart Nutrition Programme. Employing and training 35 team members has also given Sonia the necessary skills to run a successful cafe and NGO.

Combining her strong head for business, entrepreneurship and compassion Sonia has succeeded in making Living Heart an NGO with a difference feeding large numbers without losing the nutritional value of the locally grown food – the foundation of Living Heart’s Nutrition, Health and Education Programme.