With even a small donation you could be providing a healthy meal for these children.

We need your support to help these communities rise out of hardship and poverty. Without a continued education and improved nutritional health, these children have no way of escaping the circle of poverty suffered by so many previous generations – indeed some may never live to see a healthy adulthood.

By supporting us, you will help change people’s lives.

Cash Donations

Cash donations can be made at Hearts Café in Ollantaytambo in our ‘Donations’ box. Please pop in and visit us.

You can also make a cash donation in the comfort of your own home, via bank transfer or international bank order, into the following account:

UK account (in GBP):
In GBP (UK account):
Account: Living Heart NGO
Bank: HSBC
Address: 45 Milsom Street, Bath, BA1 1DU, UK
Account No: 22435004
Sort Code: 40-09-19
IBAN: GB31MIDL40091922435004

Please note:

  • Our UK bank accept cheques and money orders.
  • For smaller donations (less than £300), please use Paypal or Omprakash.
  • To help us recognise and thank you properly please drop us a line on to let us know when you have donated and if you have fundraised to do this. This way we can share great ideas with others.


Donate via

Gráficos de soluciones

– a secure method of donation that goes into our UK Registered Charity.

If you are a UK taxpayer (which includes tax paid on savings) please help us claim even more (25p in every £1 you have so kindly donated). Please fill out our  Gift Aid Declaration and send it back to us. Here you will find more information about the Gift Aid. Thank you so much.


From the US? Write off your donation against your taxes by looking us up on Omprakash. Omprakash provides a secure payment method with the benefit of receiving a 501(c)3 tax receipt in the United States. If you experience problems with the above link, please go to the following:

  2. Select “Donate” under “Support” in the menu bar
  3. On this page you will find different options of donating to us:
  • Donate Electronically (via credit card): If you decide for this option, please choose “Living Heart” from the drop-down menu. In the field “notes” you can advise us, which project you would like your donation to be allocated for.
  • Donate by Cheque: please follow the instructions on the website
  • Donate by Paypal: please send your donation to and indicate in the ‘note’ section that your donation is directed to “Living Heart”. You could indicate the project you would like to support as well.
  • Donate by Wire Transfer: please follow the instructions on the website

Direct Debit

Or why not set up a Direct Debit or regular contribution? Regular donations are so important to us because it allows us to plan for the hundreds of malnourished children we support. Contact Us today to discuss becoming an ongoing sponsor of Living Heart and help to brighten the future of children in need.

Gift Aid

Are you a UK taxpayer? Gift Aid your donation! It allows us to claim back almost a third of the money you give. To make a donation via Gift Aid, please complete, scan or post the Gift Aid Declaration to us. Download your Gift Aid Declaration here.

Now, there is even an easier way to GiftAid your donation to Living Heart. We are registered in the Big Give, which allows our UK donors to GiftAid their donations only with ONE CLICK.

Donate Online

 On this link you can see our complete profile on The Big Give.

Send Parcels

Living Heart is always grateful to receive parcels of:

  • Warm clothes: Thick, knitted, new clothes for babies and children (age 0-10 years (Western sizes)) – especially leggings without feet, hats for the babies that cover the ears and jumpers of all sizes. Also warm jumpers and leggings without feet for abandoned elderly (for hygienic purposes, we are unable to accept any second-hand underwear).
  • Medicines: Anti-parasitical medicines (mebendazole), cold and flu remedies, paracetamol, ibuprofen for the children; and  aspirin (75mg or 100mg for blood pressure), fluconazole or clotrimazole (for vaginal infections) for the women and elderly in our communities.
  • Dental supplies: Toothbrushes and toothpaste.
  • School supplies: Pencils, A4 ruled/grid notebooks, creative games.  Any game that encourages the children to think laterally. 

Please Note:

  • Ensure that all parcels are under 2 kg  as packages weighing more than this will incur tax duties that Living Heart is unable to pay.
  • If you wish to send clothes, ensure they look as new, as unfortunately secondhand clothes are not accepted by Peruvian customs.
  • Ensure that the value of any parcels are marked as less than $100, as a tax will be applied if the declared value is over $100.
  • All parcels more than 2 kg are opened and inspected by Peruvian customs.
  • The parcels must be addressed to an individual and as follows:

Living Heart
PO Box 133

Please contact Living Heart to ask which person the parcel should be addressed to.

A warm thank you from every child, woman and man in our communities.

Your compassion, help and dedication mean that every day we are one small step closer to achieving our goals.