Would you like to be the one to fill this child’s stomach with a hot meal?

At Living Heart we appreciate that not everyone is able to make a donation out of their own pockets. But why not fundraise? Organizing your own event is a great way to make a difference and there are many fun and creative ways to do it. Here’s a few ideas.



Where do I start?

People have done all sorts of things in the past to help Living Heart – from small community events to high-octane Amazon raft races and grueling marathons! Click here to see what some of our dedicated supporters have done in the past.

First of all, decide what you want to do in the name of Living Heart …

  • Love to run? Click here for an extensive list of running races all over Europe, the US, Australia and worldwide. Everything from 5k to triathlons; half marathons to racing across the Sahara – there’s something for everyone.
  • Fancy something more adventurous? Try a sponsored skydive, abseiling or parachuting. You don’t have to go it alone – pick something you can do in a group – how about whitewater rafting or a long-distance cycle ride?
  • Why not get together with your friends? Hold a Quiz Night in your local pub, have a dinner party or afternoon tea in the garden. Charge a participation fee or ask for a voluntary contribution.
  • Always wanted to take that trip of a lifetime but never got round to it? Put on those walking boots and do a sponsored trek – climb Kilimanjaro, walk the Great Wall of China or even trek to Everest base camp. Or do the Inca Trail knowing that the money you raise will benefit poor families in many of the harsh highlands through which you walk.

Once you have decided on your event, spread the word! Use social media to promote your cause. Set up a Facebook group to get your friends enthused. Set up your own personal MyDonate site to reach friends and colleagues in the far reaches of the country or abroad. All currencies are accepted.   Tweet us with your news. Or contact your local press – what better way to get the word out about your philanthropic adventures?

We will help you publicize your event. We will feature your fundraising event in our Newsletter, Blog and Social Media channels.

We can also help you with fundraising resources … Download a PDF of our Sponsorship Form and Information Leaflet (front, back), and check out our Wish List. If you want to use the leaflet for your fundraising event and print it out in high resolution, please contact us on and we will be more than happy to send you the original files.


“After volunteering with Living Heart I was completely blown away by their [Living Heart’s] hard work and compassion, with a commitment to ensure all donors’ money goes to those who most need it.” Read Heather’s testimonial


Friend Raiser Events

“Before I returned from volunteering with Living Heart from February to June 2012, I made a promise to introduce my family and friends to the work of Living Heart and hopefully raise some funds for Living Heart.” Read Mary’s Friend Raiser events


Birthday Celebrations and Fundraising for Living Heart

“I recently had an (important) birthday to celebrate, and decided to throw a big party in Cusco. I was fortunate enough to be joined by over fifty friends from all over the world.  They asked me what I wanted as presents, but I strongly felt it much better that they donate to a charity that was close to my heart.” Read Marisol’s Birthday bash


Climbing the highest mountain in Peru to inspire others and change lives

“Besides supporting a local Andean community my goal is to create hope and inspiration in the children that live there so that they will believe that with hard work & commitment they too can succeed in realizing their dreams & achieving whatever they put their minds to.” Read Luke’s Press Release


School Fundraising

“Donations  are raised by organizing a Christmas market on the last day before the Christmas holidays. Making cakes, selling things the students got for free from shops, selling drinks, nail painting were just some examples of the many different activities.” Photos and more under Strabrecht Fundraiser