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Living Heart Peru advocates the right of every Andean child to health, an education and a brighter future. We need your support to help disadvantaged communities rise out of hardship and poverty. Support Living Heart Peru in achieving its goals. By supporting us, you will help change people’s lives.


Health & Dental Care

Without improved health many children will never have the strength to fight off common diseases. Some may never live to see a healthy adulthood. We believe that every child deserves a fighting chance – wherever they were born.

£3 ($4.8 or S/.13) Vitamins for a Malnourished Child: Help give a growing child the nutrients they need to be healthy, active and fight disease. Your donation will allow Living Heart Peru to supplement the diet of one malnourished child for a whole month.

£6 ($10 or S/.26) Dental Supplies: Help us stop young children from losing their teeth before they are even adults. Young children have no access to dental care or hygiene. Your money would allow us to equip 7 children with the ability to take care of their teeth for a whole year, providing them with toothbrushes and dental care workshops 2 times during the school year.

£16 ($26 or S/.68.50) Anti-Parasite Tablets: Give a malnourished child the ability to take sustenance from their food. Your money will enable Living Heart Peru to treat a class of young children (15-20 pupils) for parasites that make them listless, bloated and ill.

£18 ($29 or S/. 77) School First Aid kit: Help equip a school teacher with the ability to stop injuries and illnesses becoming major health issues. Your money will allow Living Heart Peru to provide one school with a basic First Aid kit, including paracetamol, cold and flu remedies, bandages, antiseptic cream, etc.

£117 ($187 or S/.500) Microscope: Give us the chance to effectively treat diarrhea and terrible stomach pains amongst young children. Your money would enable Living Heart Peru to equip our nurse with the ability to properly identify parasites and stomach worms.

£214 ($343 or S/.916) Professional Mechanical Scale: Help us buy professional medical equipment, which will allow us to better monitor our children and their development. We evaluate their weight and height at the beginning and end of each school year. This has proved to be a very efficient indicator for the success of our Nutrition Programme.

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Without a continuous education many children will have no way of escaping the vicious circle of hard labour and poverty suffered by so many previous generations. We believe that the lack of paper and a pencil should not be an insurmountable barrier to a child’s basic education.

£4 ($6.50 or S/. 17) Classroom Kit for a Disadvantaged Child: Give an impoverished child the gift of learning. Your money will enable Living Heart to provide one child with the tools to study that they cannot afford – a pencil, eraser, sharpener, notebook, glue, crayons, scissors and a ruler.

£8 ($13 or S/.34) Reading Books: Give an impoverished but gifted child the chance to shine. Your money would enable Living Heart Peru to buy 2-4 reading books for a bright child to develop their literacy.

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Food & Farming

Without the knowledge of self-sustainable food and farming practices many families are unable to combat frost, poor soil or the effects of high altitude, resulting in chronic malnutrition, growth problems and health issues. We believe that a stomach full of hot and nutritious food goes a long way.

£3.6 ($6 or S/.15.50) Bowl of Porridge and a Hot Lunch: Simple as it says – feed 10 children delicious hot food for a day. That’s all it takes.ues. We believe that a stomach full of hot food goes a long way.

£62.5 ($98 or S/.255.6) Feed a Malnourished Child: Help Living Heart Peru feed more malnourished children in more communities. There are many more communities crying out for our help. Your money would allow us to give one more child a hot breakfast and lunch every school day for a whole year.

£694 ($1086 or S/.2,840) Fresh Vegetables for a Community School: Give a highland community school the gift of fresh vegetables rich in essential nutrients. You would pay for one month’s supply of fresh vegetables for a school of 100 children.

£500 ($800 or S/.2140) Local Cook’s Wage: Help Living Heart secure a trained local school cook to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for the children for the whole school year and help at the same time a mother in need, to earn an income and healthy food for the whole family. Living Heart Peru employs and trains local women in need to cook our nutritious recipes.

£32 ($51 or S/.137) Seeds to Sow: Allow members of a community to demonstrate their newfound knowledge and enthusiasm from Living Heart Peru’s workshops in sowing a new harvest of fresh crops in their greenhouse. Your money will provide enough seeds for 6-8 different greenhouse crops for 3 months.

£32 ($51 or S/.137) Tools for Farming: Allow a poor farmer to efficiently work in the family greenhouse. With the right tools a father can give his whole family access to a variety of healthy, home-grown food. Your money would cover all the tools he would need to work in the greenhouse and cultivate his crops.

£2,500 ($4,000 or S/.10, 700) Full-year Community Training in
Organic Gardening:
Help Living Heart Peru provide a full-year training in organic farming and greenhouses for a whole community (school children and adults), including regular workshops by a horticultural teacher and the supply of educational materials.

£2,860 ($4576 or S/.12,240) Materials for an Educational Greenhouse: From poles to plastic; tanks to taps – everything a community needs to build one big greenhouse. Your money will help one community get its Educational Greenhouse Project off the ground. All the materials for the construction, farming tools and seeds would be covered by your donation, including their transportation to the community.

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Women & Children

Without birth control many women will have to suffer the pain of watching their children die in infancy and the agonizing worry of providing food for all the hungry mouths. We believe that every child born into this world should be given the chance to grow up strong and fulfil their potential.

£10 ($16, 50 or S/.43) Sex Education Class: Help keep vulnerable young women out of danger and well-informed. Your money will pay a nurse trained in women’s sexual health to conduct a one-day sexual health, hygiene and contraception workshop in one inaccessible community.

£45 ($72 or S/.193) Pre-Natal Vitamins: Give a newborn baby a fighting chance at a healthy life. Your money will equip one pregnant woman with the vitamins to take her through the full 9 months.

Around £100,000 ($160,000 or S/.428,000) Children’s Home: Your donation will contribute to the purchase of a piece of land in the Sacred Valley and the construction of an ecological children’s home, built under the philosophy of Permaculture,  where orphaned and abandoned children will find a home, love and shelter. When they reach the age of 16 and if they wish to stay, a halfway house will be there to allow them to continue their education or learn some life-skills such as sewing, weaving, cooking, organic farming, etc.; thus not feeling abandoned for a second time.

£8 ($13 or S/.34) Reading Books: Give an impoverished but gifted child the chance to shine. Your money would enable Living Heart Peru to buy 2-4 reading books for a bright child to develop their literacy.

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Tools of Hope

Equipment to encourage play, fun and relaxation will allow the necessary development of these children’s minds to deal with all aspects of life, encouraging balanced and happy children, full of the joys of life.  It can’t all be about classes. Young children need to play to learn.

£5 ($8 or S/.20) Ball: Give a disadvantaged child a chance at a normal childhood. You will give a child who has grown up with the daily reality of crushing poverty the chance to laugh and play with a ball.

£13 ($21 or S/.55) Musical Instruments: Allow disadvantaged children to develop valuable creative skills. Your money will allow Living Heart Peru to provide one child with musical instruments to encourage creative cognitive skills, an essential part of any child’s development

£195 ($315 or S/.825) Playground Equipment: Help malnourished children enjoy the benefits of physical activity. In the harsh environment of a highland community there is nowhere to play, and nothing to play with. Your money would enable Living Heart Peru to buy the materials to build a sturdy wooden playground in our poorest community.

£11,250 ($18,000 or S/.48,800) 4×4 Second-Hand Vehicle: Help Living Heart Peru save money and feed more children. Whilst Living Heart Peru does not have their own vehicle to deliver food to the communities the transport costs are extremely high. During the wet season, roads are often blocked, flooded or washed out making access to these communities impossible without such a vehicle. Many NGOs suspend their activities during the rainy season, but Living Heart Peru is able to continue with consistent visits to the communities. Your donation would allow our team to continue food deliveries to the remote communities within the Sacred Valley all year round. We have raised already half of the money for the 4×4 jeep; please help us with the other half!


Material Donations

Warm Clothes for Newborns: Help a newborn baby survive its first winter in the cold. Living Heart Perus collects and distributes woolly hats, socks, leggings, underwear and cozy blankets to help prevent against fatal pneumonia caused by exposure to the cold.

Winter Clothes for Children: Help a child survive the freezing winter and biting wind. The children in our communities need sturdy pair of trousers, warm jumpers, woolly vests, hats and shawls, warm underwear.

Socks and Shoes: ONLY for babies and very small children. The people in the highland communities are not used to food wear; they would only accept sandals, as they get fungus from the shoes.

Leggings for Grannies and Older Children: Living Heart Peru collects knitted or industrial wool leggings for elderly women and older children. Please note that the people in the Andean highlands are very small, corresponding to the height of a Western child up to about an age of 12.

Educational Materials for Children: Every family is required by the State to provide each of their children with basic stationary such as a notepad and a pencil but, when family sizes are so large and earnings so small, it is often easier for the children to stay at home than to attend school with nothing to write with and nothing to write on. Living Heart Peru collects and distributes basic educational supplies such as A4 and smaller ruled/grid notebooks, pens and pencils of all colors, rulers, rubbers, sharpeners, glue, sketching blocks, scissors, crayons, etc.

Educational Resources for Teachers: Colored and white paper rolls, craft paper rolls, white boards, write and wipe markers, permanent markers, classroom creative kits, etc.

Art Supplies: Painters, temperas, paintbrushes, glitter painters, construction and colored paper, art tissue paper, craft paper, color ink pads, stampers, fingerprint art, markers, dough, clay, modeling materials, color adhesive rolls, collage & craft materials, etc.

Creative Games: Wood construction blocks and games, construction sets, puzzles, music instruments and music CDs from around the world, costumes and puppets for dramatic plays, etc.

Books: Living Heart Peru collects reading books in Spanish and Quechua, as well as documentary films and other educational video materials for preschool and primary school children for our new lending library project, by which we aim to provide each community school with these materials on a rotating basis.

Notebooks, Digital Photo and Video Cameras (new or used): Help our children develop their art skills and present their community life and culture through pictures and videos.

Medicine: vitamins for pregnant and lactating women and small children, anti-fungal cream (triple antibiotic), preventive medicine and medical supplies for first-aid kits.

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