Living Heart Peru’s aim is that every woman who wishes to, can gain the knowledge and opportunity to take control of their own family planning.

three womenWomen represent over half of the population in Peru, but they do not have equal access to resources or power. High levels of domestic abuse and alcoholism exist in the communities – aggravated by minimal income, unwanted pregnancies and the incredible hardship of their daily lives.

In rural communities in Peru an average family has 7 children, one small house and a lot of mouths to feed. Women often marry young, and with access to sexual education being practically non-existent, multiple pregnancies often puts the women at grave risk of health problems and places the family as a whole under tremendous financial strain. 

Living Heart Peru provides sexual health, hygiene and education workshops in all of our communities and offers pill and injection-based contraceptives to all women who request them.

The contraceptive program has given women access to sexual education that was not available previously and has allowed them to make informed, empowered choices about their future reproduction. With less unwanted pregnancies, the women report less violence against them, less alcoholism and better family relations.

Passionate about empowering women? What better way to support them than through enabling them to make life-changing choices? Check out our Donate page to see how you could make this happen!

‘When the woman has contraceptive security this often alleviates the stress that the husband feels and makes the violence against the woman lessen, [causing] positive changes in their family life.’
Rita Año Olivera, Quecha Nurse


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