Disability Support


In impoverished families, where children of all ages are expected to lend a hand with the daily tasks, a disabled child is seen as a drain on the family’s meagre resources and a problem that many families simply do not know how to deal with. In some cases disabled children are found locked in darkened rooms or chained to beds by desperate parents who know no other way to care for their child.

Living Heart believes that through therapy, love and care disabled children from impoverished families can be given the affection, respect and help that they so deserve.

Living Heart’s nurse has been professionally trained to provide 2 severely disabled children from impoverished families with the physiotherapy and medical attention they require. In her weekly therapy sessions she works with the children on basic movement and communication skills, and provides occupational support for family members.

Hearts Café also supports the gifted family of one of the disabled children by selling their handmade, natural-alpaca-dyed weavings in the café – with 100% of proceeds being returned to the family, to go towards providing their son with a nutritious diet to improve his overall health. Need present ideas or a special something to brighten up your home? Please take a glance at the beautiful items on display in the Hearts Café.