Living Heart’s aim is for every primary school child to have a full stomach, a pen and paper, and enough energy to benefit from a full and continued education.

Living Heart believes that it is through a continued education that the children of the highland communities can gain a foothold on the ladder to a brighter future. We believe that the opportunities a good education brings, can help shatter the vicious circle of poverty and hardship.

In many community primary schools the teachers struggle to fulfill their obligation to teach the national curriculum due to poor attendance, low energy levels of the children, lack of basic resources and the sheer difficulty of teaching in such a remote, inhospitable environments. Every family is required by the State to provide each of their children with basic stationary such as a notepad and a pencil but,when family sizes are so large and earnings so small, it is often easier for the children to stay at home than to attend school with nothing to write with and nothing to write on.

Living Heart provides all our community primary schools with discretional basic educational supplies to ensure that every child can attend school for the full scholastic year and receive a basic education. We also provide volunteer teachers to teach art, drama and physical recreation activities. Living Heart has also launched a lending-library campaign where we make suitable books available to children who are interested in extra study.  We work in association with the school directors and provide books in both Quecha and Spanish which are delivered to the remote villages with the regular food supply deliveries.

Are you interested in volunteering as a teacher? Check out our Volunteer page to see if you could be of help!

Did You Know …

Spanish is the language of education in Peru, but in the rural communities illiteracy rates can rise as high as 40%. Peru’s education expenditures are among the lowest in Latin America and ranked 57th in the world as a percentage of GNP. Here in the Southern Andes one-third of children do not complete primary school.

Did You Know …

The nutritious meals provided by Living Heart incentivize earlier enrollment and consistency of attendance amongst all families, ensuring that children complete their primary education.