Facts & Figures


Living Heart’s dedicated team works daily to create a safe environment and a brighter future for the children, women and men of the Andes. Take a glance at these facts and figures to see what we’re up against, and what we achieve in our projects:


Combating Severe Poverty:

  • In the rural highlands of Peru, 1 in 2 people struggle to keep their whole family alive on only £1.50 a day.
  • In 2011, more than 5.3 million Peruvians lived below the poverty line (that’s more than the entire population of Finland, Norway or New Zealand).
  • In Peru, the top 10% of the population control 35.4% of the nation’s wealth, while the bottom 10% controls just 1.6%.
  • Urban dwellers can earn 30 times more than poor farmers.


Defeating Malnutrition:

  • It costs Living Heart over £25,000 a year to feed the children in 5 communities.
  • It costs Living Heart £0.35p every day to give one child breakfast and lunch.
  • We currently provide over 400 young children with nutritional security and healthy meals, every school day.
  • Since its inception, Living Heart has provided over 860,000 hot meals.
  • In the remote communities the people have no access to fresh fruits, salad or green vegetables, unless they travel for several hours on foot.
  • Living Heart buys 14 different types of vegetables for the communities to use in their cooking.
  • We deliver over 920kg of vegetables every month.
  • Living Heart provides over 300 lettuces to its 5 communities, every month.


Empowering Women:

  • In rural Peru, women make up 80% of a family’s labour force.
  • Women often work 24 hours a day to provide for their family and look after the animals and crops (at the same time caring for an average of 7-10 children)!
  • Living Heart aims to provide Andean women in 3 communities with contraceptive injections every 3 months. Each injection costs Living Heart £3.
  • Less children means less domestic violence against women.


Inspiring Longer Learning:

  • The school drop-out rate in schools in rural areas is over 50%.
  • Country-wide, over 17% of young people never attend school.
  • In Peru, a pencil costs £0.03p. Many families are unable to afford even these basic necessities.
  • Living Heart routinely provides over 100 school children with the educational supplies that their families are unable to afford.
  • Temperatures in the high communities can often sink below freezing.
  • Every year, Living Heart donates over 450 items of warm clothing during the bitterest months of the winter.


Narrowing The Gap:

  • Through stimulating better health and educational opportunities for children, Living Heart hopes to help those in need, to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty.
  • Living Heart seeks to counteract the huge social divide between rich and poor in Peru – the worst extreme of which is felt in the marginalised rural communities.
  • According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, the world currently produces more than 2,700 calories per person per day. This is sufficient to feed everyone in the world, or would be if the distribution of food were more equal.



What would you buy with £1.50? A cheeseburger and fries? Two cans of baked beans? One of your favourite songs online? Or even a cheap book? Do something different! Instead of buying a cheeseburger, you could use £1.50 to pay for a hot, healthy breakfast and lunch for 5 malnourished Andean children. Interested? Donate.

What would you buy with £3? A bucket of fried chicken? A train ticket? Entrance to see your favourite band in concert? Or even a cheap bottle of wine? Do something different! Instead of spending it on yourself, you could use £3 to change a woman’s life forever. Interested? Donate.

These people are rich in culture, history, ancestral values and stunning mountainous scenery, but are lacking the riches of education, nutritious food and medicines. Living Heart needs your help, your compassion and your dedication. Can you help us achieve our goals?

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