Living Heart’s aim is for every vulnerable child, woman and man to have access to basic medications, regular treatment and a warm set of clothes.

Imagine the bone-chilling cold you would feel in the sub-zero temperatures of the Andes with only a simple poncho and traditional sandals made from car tires to clothe you.

Living Heart collects new and secondhand clothes and provides regular donations of warm items to the communities. Every little bit really does help – as the children trek down to school in the mornings, the men toil in the fields and the women collect wood or sheep droppings for the fire, they will have an extra layer to wear beneath their traditional clothing to help fight off the biting cold and whistling winds.

In the Andes, basic medicines to treat and prevent escalation of minor illnesses are limited and health centres are often several hours’ walk away. Living Heart provides a basic first aid kit and medical supplies to the school director, for the benefit of the children and the wider community, with instructions on dosage and when to administer each medicine.

Living Heart also organizes a yearly itinerant medical clinic with the help of foreign volunteer doctors and nurses, who bring their own medical supplies. In addition, we are looking to introduce regular dental care within our communities. We also require the school to medicate the children regularly with local anti-parasitical herbs provided by the parents, which are given to the children bi-weekly in the form of infusions. Finally, Living Heart conducts annual weight and height checks to monitor the growth of the children, and track their development.

Do you have clothes or spare medicines that you no longer need? Check out our Donate page for information on how to get these items to the people who most need them.