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Three Unique Diets of Which the Rules Might Surprise You

Staying fit and healthy goes hand in hand with the body posture. If you are slim or in a proportional shape, it is easier for you to do physical activities. On the contrary, being overweight or too skinny can hinder your mobility.

LeanThere are many kinds of diet you can choose to stay in shape, ranging from mayo diet, carbs diet, to low-fat diet. But among those many, there are these three that are so unique you would not believe they are even categorized as a diet.

The Shepherd’s Diet

This diet is based on biblical references and thus, would not be a problem for Christians. What is strange about this diet is that you are encouraged to eat more food and more fats. Yes, you read it right and do not be surprised. And shepherd’s diet does not only stop there. It aims to improve your mental health primarily. In this diet, you will apply the ancient eating rules from Jesus’ to Moses’. And if you are interested but also doubtful about this diet, Lemarc Gave a brilliant review of the Shepherd’s diet. You will find a detailed testimony on how the diet has worked for the reviewer. Such information gives you the chance to assess and evaluate a diet’s efficiency based on a credible source.

OCD (Obsessive Corbuzier Diet)

FastingNo, this is not that mental problem. This OCD stands for Obsessive Corbuzier Diet, taken from its inventor’s name, Deddy Corbuzier. The diet works with an abstraction of what is called as ‘the window’. So you are given an all-you-can-eat time window in which you can literally eat whatever you want, from ice cream to candies, rice to meat. This window functions like a cheating time for you to lift all of your abstinence and prohibition.

The interval time between windows vary. It can take 8, 12, to 14 hours. This method is similar with intermittent fasting, but instead of restricting yourself from eating junk food or cheat food, OCD allows them.

OCD encourage you to drink water during the fasting. The inventor believes that water is vital to regulate the system in the body and to flush away the fat and.

The Caveman Diet

CavemenIn the caveman diet, you can eat anything that you want anytime as long as the foods were similar to what cave people used to eat. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and raw red meat are all on the menu. The promoter of this diet believes that all the processed foods modern life can offer are harmful to the body. Cavemen diet embraces the idea that we have evolved to follow the path of our ancestors, the cave people.

This diet also demonizes sugar and carbs. If you follow this cult, then you must forbid yourself from eating cookies, cakes, or sweets.…

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